Fynbos Gems: Satyrium coriifolium

By Justin Hawthorne

Satyrium coriifolium | Orchidaceae


Satyrium coriifolium is a real late-winter treat in the southwestern Cape of South Africa.

Here’s a small collection showing one of the most striking orchids occuring on the Cape Peninsula – Satyrium coriifolium – which is currently blooming. It’s a stout, often tall orchid standing up to 50cm and varies in colour from a pale yellow to a deep orange-red. This not only catches the eye of the naturalist but also of their pollinators, sunbirds!


Keen to see these in habitat? Contact me to head into the field to see Satyrium coriifolium in flower at good locations. We’ll of course divulge into the finer details of the species and aim to witness its pollinator visiting the flowers.


Date posted:  1 September 2020

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