Forest scene on Table Mountain

Photo & words by Justin Hawthorne

An image and experience from a wet weather day on Table Mountain a few years ago.


Justin Hawthorne Hiking Table Mountain Indigenous Afromontane Forest in the rain

Stormy day in Cape Town and it reminds me of one of my favourite places to be on the Table Mountain massif, deep in the kloofs under our indigenous forest canopy… Heavy raindrops dripping slowly, bouncing off the soft ferns, wet branches and ice-cold rocks… Contrastingly being softly absorbed by the now vibrant mosses and mushy leaf litter. Earthy, musty, scents fill the air as the cloud pushes in and engulfs the narrows. Sounds trapped, visibly near-gone…a truly beautiful place to just, be. 🌿

#tablemountain #forest

Geared up in K-Way waterproofs from Cape Union Mart.

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