Twelve Apostles Fire – The Night Scene Above Hout Bay

In mid-October 2017 the Twelve Apostles range of Table Mountain burnt over the course of 5 days in dense alien vegetation on the privately owned lower slopes and in old stands of fynbos within the Table Mountain National Park.  It was a somewhat unusual fire in that it occurred in spring, before the typical Cape fire season. No human life was lost, and no notable damage to infrastructure was suffered. At the end of the day what we know as the #12ApostlesFire was a good ecological burn. I have been monitoring the fynbos regeneration and wildlife activity within the fire affected region and regularly visit the Twelve Apostles to observe changes to the landscape.

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Cape Town – 13 October 2017

“The wind has pushed the fire southwards today, burning the southern Apostles range of Table Mountain.

Flames are visible on the high ledges of Grootkop, creeping along the slopes between The Pimple (Llandundo Corner) and onto Judas Peak.

Tomorrow the strong northwesterly wind could push this fire along Geelklip Buttress all the way to Myburgh’s Corner. Areas that are covered in old, dense fynbos within TMNP and plenty alien vegetation in adjacent private property have been burning thus far.”

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#12ApostlesFire - Hout Bay Night 00#12ApostlesFire - Hout Bay Night 01#12ApostlesFire - Hout Bay Night 02

Hout Bay Corner silhouetted by the #12ApostlesFire tonight.

#12ApostlesFire - Hout Bay Night 03

Sunset from Chapman’s Peak Drive.

The Slopes Of Table Mountain Burn can be viewed HERE

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