Adventures: August 2017


Justin Hawthorne

A wonderful month filled with plenty hiking, animal observations, flower walks and chasing waterfalls!

Late winter in Cape Town typically holds the best waterfall hunting opportunities. This year has been rather dry however, as one would expect considering we are currently suffering a drought. Admiral’s Waterfall in Simon’s Town is a firm favourite of mine as it’s not far from where I stay. I went on the short (really short!) walk up to the waterfall a few times, and on my last visit it was flowing fairly well.


After walking down to the small granite sea cave near Cape Point, I returned to Diaz Beach and started the long slog up the wooden boardwalk. I passed two surfers heading down, early in the morning, who would now be the only people on the beach. I had been the first and only person wandering the majestic coastline just after sunrise, and now handed them the batten! Strolling towards the Cape of Good Hope, I looked back and saw the two men walking around and chatting: they then became my focus. I headed back, to use the light, footsteps, and waves to add to my composition, and this was one of my favourite shots at the end of it!


For a short period of the year one has the opportunity to get through the Cape of Good Hope gate well before sunrise – allowing plenty time to drive down to Cape Point (below 60 km/hr) and watch the day begin from the tip of the Cape Peninsula. I did just that, getting through the gate at opening time (07:00), and watching sunrise with nobody else around. I then walked over to photograph Diaz Beach on what was a calm, warm August morning. The colour on the horizon was gorgeous, making the composition of the below image perfect considering that it was a cloudless day.


After a good days rain, things cleared up and I was headed for Lion’s Head…guiding visitors on a late afternoon ascent. Conditions were beautiful. But was it cold? Yes! Finger-numbingly-cold in fact as the wind caught us on the summit. We were all well layered up, beanie on too, but after a little shivering we headed down again via the alternate route and took a coffee break out of the wind. The late afternoon shadow of Lion’s Head crawling over the City Bowl is always a captivating sight, and not long after the sun had dipped out of sight – allowing us to continue our descent as the city lights started twinkling.


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