Adventures: March 2017


Justin Hawthorne

March could be seen as the toughest month on the mountain in terms of weather conditions: hot, dry and as a result the least colourful. By no means does this imply that it is not a beautiful time, provided you’re hiking the right areas.

A early morning start at Cape of Good Hope for a 5-day trek with Table Mountain Treks and Tours saw me passing by Smitswinkel Bay at sunrise, getting first light ove the bay. Absolutely calm and gorgeous morning down south.

Heading up Table Mountain in a gale force southeasterly wind is challenging, and on this particular March morning I was ascending Woody Ravine, battling to stand my ground. The cloud lifted as I progressed, but the wind was icy cold and extremely strong which saw me head off onto Spring Buttress to find an old favourite of a rock shelter – ideal for protection from and southern or easterly wind. I spent quite some time enjoying early morning tea, great views and snapping a few shots!

Sunset hikes are always on the agenda and this time I headed up Elsie’s Peak to get a fresh perspective. Value for effort is the name of the egame on this mountain.

In late March I guided Se7en Hoods on a 2-day People’s Trail on Table Mountain. We had two of the hottest summer days to deal with, and a thunderstorm overnight to sit through! The incredible sunset and lightning display from the Back Table was something you don’t get to enjoy too often in a lifetime!

*A monthly series of four highlights from my work and play, shared via all social platforms.ย 

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